Halal Certification Germany
Halal Certification Germany

Religious Council of HCG

To guarantee the conformance of the HCG Regulations with the Sharia concerning Halal products the religious council was established. The religious council is responsible before god for the correctness of the HCG Regulations. The members are:


* Elsayed Ar-Rahmany MA., Islamic studies at Al-Azhar university; (Hafiz) Imam of the Islamic Centre Bielefeld; scientific officer of Al-Azhar university in Kairo; from April 2010 to July 2013 doctoral candidate Doktorand at the Graduate School of the cluster of excellence "Religion and Policy" of the University of Münster.


* Dr. Mohammad Abdel Rahem, (Hafiz); Islamic studies at Al-Azhar university; director of Islamic studies in German at Al-Azhar university in Kairo.


*Dr. Ibrahim Salama (Hafiz); Islamic studies at Al-Azhar Universität; from 2001 to 2012 teacher in the field of Islamic studies at Al-Azhar university; since 2012 working as postdoc at the institute for Islamic theology at university of Osnabrück.

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